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Personal Injury & General Litigation:
Insurance companies have skilled adjusters who will fight to minimize the insurance companies' loss.  It is my job to assist you in getting full compensation for your loss.  I have the courage to combat the insurance companies, and I have the necessary skills to obtain a favorable settlement for your case or take it to trial.  I perso
nally handle every case in my office, and I will strive to keep you informed of the status of your case.  Additionally, I do not charge an up front fee for personal injury cases.  I only get paid if you get paid in a personal injury case.

Consumer Cases & Lemon Law Cases:
If you have been taken advantage of by a retailer or car dealership, you know how hopeless it feels.  It can often feel like you are fighting an uphill battle.  However, Oregon has laws to protect consumers.  These laws are powerful tools that I can use to assist you in fighting the retailer or car dealership.  Contact Ross Law LLC if you have been ripped off by a car dealer or retailer. 

DUII Defense:

As a former felony prosecutor and Deputy County Attorney, I fully understand the legal steps that are 
necessary in order to protect my client's rights. I will protect your rights in and out of court while representing you if you are charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUII).  I have conducted numerous jury trials, and I have the courage to take difficult cases to trial.  I personally handle every case,  and will ensure your case is fully investigated while exploring every ethical defense possible.

Veterans' Issues and Active Duty Military Issues:
As a veteran with a service connected disability, I understand the unique issues many veterans and military service members face.  I am committed to personally assisting veterans and military personnel with all of their legal issues.  I assist veterans in obtaining veterans disability benefits, appeals of benefit denials, and discharge upgrades. Additionally, I can assist Oregon veterans and active duty personal facing certain criminal charges that may be eligible for Veterans' Diversion